Debris Examination Report

Malaysia Airlines MH370 Boeing B777 - 200 ER (9M-MRO)

08 March 2014. Identification of Debris

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Search and debris examination update 2 Nov

Executive summary

This report provides an update to the MH370 search area definition described in previous ATSB reports. It comprises further analysis of satellite data, additional end of flight simulations, a summary of the analysis of the right outboard wing flap, and preliminary results from the enhanced debris drift modelling.

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Bayesian Methods in Search for MH370

Uncertainty is all pervasive–whether it relates to everyday personal choices and
actions, or as background to business and policy decisions, or economic and climate
predictions. In recent times, few things have attracted as much attention as the
uncertainty surrounding the final whereabouts of MH370.

PDF December 2015

MH370 Press Conference Update Dec 2015

Search area 2018

Definition of Underwater Search Areas

Analysis of available data has been ongoing since the search for MH370 commenced. Initial
results assisted the search and rescue mission, and later refinements have formed the basis for
the underwater search areas.

 PDF  December 2015

The Location of MH370 - A Reverse Drift Study Based On Debris Found

The following is a reverse drift study performed on all debris pieces found thus far in Africa which either are confirmed or believed to be from MH370. The objective of this study is to try to define the most common general area with the highest probability of being the point of origin of where all these debris pieces may have originated from in the Indian Ocean. This study ignores all other data and only uses the drift data from the drift tool ( to determine all possible origin points of all the debris pieces based on their respective locations and estimated drift times at Sea.


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