Possible MH370 debris sighting off coast of Sumatra

Here are some photos of possible photographic evidence of wreckage of MH370 off the coast of Sumatra.


I have included links (see below) to the Tomnod image maps ( just click on X in intro message to load map). I have been looking at these images for several months now and I cannot imagine what else this debris could be that has similar size and appearance as parts from a 777-200 aircraft. If this photo is true, and these are indeed plane parts, then this must be parts from MH370 because what other aircraft, like this, could have been floating in this area of the Indian Ocean on March 16th, 2014 at 4:44am?

Remember a photograph does not lie only our perception of them can be wrong. Either my perception of these photos are wrong, in which case it is an astonishing optical illusion, or the images are true and our perception of what happened to MH370 is completely wrong.

Maybe MH370 did not crash on March 8th but rather it landed safely somewhere and then was ditched into the ocean being captured by satellite here on March 16th. Whatever did occur these images seem to suggest that the current offical theory, that MH370 crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean, is completely wrong.

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Here are links to oringinal Tomnod image maps (Click X on intro message to see maps)



Additional debris objects (all within close proximity):






Here are more closeup and enhanced photos. (images courtesy of Michael John)





What an actual B777 crash looks like in a satellite photo. Do you see similiarities?


Reverse drift model based on physical evidence of all debris pieces found so far in Africa.



Forward Drift Model: Click on image to animate.

Forward drift models from Sumatra

Forward drift model: http://www.adrift.org.au/map?lat=0&lng=90.7&center=96.2&startmon=Mar


Here is how a buoy was tracked in the Indian Ocean between JUL 2014 and SEP 2015. It shows how debris from this area may have drifted towards Reunion Island and Africa.


Here is where that woman (Raja) saw an aircraft like object floating in the water on March 8th,2014

Debris location

Location of this debris was determined by comparing cloud formations in the Tomnod images against the image map in the DigitalGlobe (DG) online database using the website Apollo Mapping which is a DG image reseller.  Using this method I was able to determine the approxiamate location of these debris objects that were captured on March 16th, 2014 at 4:44UTC.

Link to Hi-Res image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hu14x7m946ndsb/MH370_Sumatra_debris_location_...

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Asiana 214 crash in San Francisco

Have a look at this video of Asiana 214 crash in San Francisco. Notice how this 777 breaks apart on solid ground on the airport runway. Notice how the fusalage stays relatively in tack and the engine and tail fin breaks off. Now compare the debris in this video to these satelite photos and we see very similiar debris pieces. This is all the more reason why I think the debris pieces in this satelite photo is from a 777 aircraft.http://youtu.be/JhoAfgYhhs0

MH 370

Je suis radiesthésiste, spécialisé en recherche de personnes disparues, j'ai donc effectué une recherche de l'avion et de ses occupants. J'ai suivi l'avion depuis son changement de trajectoire. Je sais qu'il à survolé de nouveau la Malaisie, puis le détroit de Malacca, puis l'ile de SUMATRA. J'ai un écho qui se situe à environ 300/400 kms de la côte de SUMATRA, à la latitude approximative de la ville de BENGKULU, pour moi l'avion à terminé sa course à cet endroit du globe. Il a bien pris la direction de l'arc sud, mais pour des raisons que je n'ose invoquer dans mon propos, il n'a pas eu le temps d'aller se cracher au large des côtes Australiennes. La radiesthésie n'est pas une science, mais elle permet quelques fois de lever le voile sur des mystères et d'en trouver les fondements. Pour plus d'infos, vous pouvez me contacter via mon adresse mail: fambourg@wanadoo.fr


Merci pour ton information, tres interessant

photos of possible wreckage of MH370, to west of Banda Aceh

What do you think that is this? Looks like a “engine/casehousing”:
And please look at other pictures in the "Flight 370" folder.
"Michael John he is in the "april 15" thread on Tomnod's F.Book page.

It "Michael John’s" area at this coordinates 4.632363, 90.72408 (to west of Banda Aceh, Sumatera isl.)
- the original photo (& other wreckages) are:


These are from Michael's images that I posted. Looks like your images are of the same debris field. Thanks for the info.

Funny how people react to these photos

I show these photos to people and I don't tell them beforehand what is in the photo and when they look at them and they usually say " Hey that looks like airplane parts" . You don't have to be an expert to know what an airplane looks like, right? But then I tell them where the debris is located and when the photo was taken and all the experts say " Well that's not the plane, that's just junk, you can't tell from an image what it is, it's not in the right location, no way plane parts would float for 8 days."  So then I ask them  " if those are not parts from a 777 aircraft then what else could this junk be?" No one thus far has been able to give me a satisfactory answer on this. Highly unlikely that just junk floating around in the ocean would have the same size and shape as a 777 aircraft. What convinces me this is the airplane is the distinct wing angles that 777 airplanes have and the pic of the fuelsage matches this perfectly. Even myself when I first looked at the images Michael showed me I dismissed them because it conflicted with my theory but then I realized that my interruption of the photo was wrong and not the photo.

I meant to say

I meant to say my interpretation of the events were wrong but not the photo. I am convinced that this is indeed wreckage from MH370 until new evidence proves otherwise.

Why don't we just go find the plane

Why don't we just send a boat with deep side scan sonar to this location and go find the wreckage of this plane? What other airplane could this be that had crashed at this location on that date? None that I can think of. This must be where the final resting place of MH370.

This must be the final resting place of MH370

Hard to imagine that this is just sea junk that looks astonishingly like parts of a 777 airplane and it is even harder to imagine that this could be plane parts from another airplane.  This must be wreckage from MH370 because no other explanation seems to explain this photo.

How can an engine appear to float on water?

Some people have tried to debunk these images by saying aircraft engines don't float on water so this can't be the airplane however they fail to explain the other 3 pieces of debris in the photo which clearly show a fuselage, tail fin, and nose cone.

Is it possible that the engine simply broke off with a piece of the wing and ended up floating upside down on the water with the wing piece acting like a surfboard helping to keep the engine afloat? Weather or not you believe this explanation the photograph does not lie and still seems to show an engine floating on water.  Just because you can't imagine this happening does not mean it can't happen nor does it discredit this photo in any way.

Can we ask James Cameron ( director) to go find this debris?


The wreckage is at this location ( Lat 4.63 Long 90.72)  and would be in 3100m of water in this area of the Indian Ocean and probably within a 20nm radius of these coordinates is my belief. What do you think? What a great story that would be if this is indeed the wreckage of MH370  It would be as extraordinary as finding the Titanic. This is a story that deserves an answer.

Best Regards,


This was the debris location on March 16th, 2014 at 4:44AM UTC

Lat 4.63 Long 90.72.... just for clarity

Here is my only email response from Tomnod on these images

Hi there, 
I have sent your observations to our analysis team for further consideration. The oceans can look like a lot of things complete with white caps and clouds.  That is why it is critical to have a comprehensive analysis workflow. 
Thank you 
Emailed them 2 times since and I have not gotten anymore responses back from them ....dead silence
Here is a copy of the email that I recieved from JACC

Dear Mr Ken S,


Thank you for your email.  The Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) is committed to ensuring that the public and other stakeholders, particularly families, are well-informed about the progress of the investigation into Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared on 8 March 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.


All search, recovery or investigation activities remain the responsibility of the expert agencies.


Thank you for your contribution.  Your email will be considered by the relevant authority and actioned as appropriate.


For ongoing updates please refer to www.jacc.gov.au.

For media enquiries, please email jaccmedia@infrastructure.gov.au


Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC)

This is not too far off from

This is not too far off from this image. http://www.tomnod.com/nod/challenge/mh370_indian_ocean/map/8677



Thanks Colin

This image was taken about an hour before the other images so if this is also parts from the same plane it may give us a clue as to what time the plane impacted the water. I will check for the exact coordinates of this map...thanks  

Location of Colin's map

The location of this debris is Lat 7.003 Long 95.008. I don't think this debris is related to this sighting cause the distance is too far apart.

Retraction of previous comment

I have to retract my previous comment on this debris sighting. The Air France crash had a debris field of 1200 sq Kms so it is possible that smaller debris pieces may have drifted as far as the Nicobar Islands if the plane had been floating in the water for several days or more. I simply can't discount any possible debris sightings in this general area.

It would be interesting to

It would be interesting to know what these debris are in my submitted link above.

Mathematical probabillty

What is the mathematical probability that four pieces of sea junk which all have the same size and shape as parts from a 777-200 aircraft would all be floating in Indian Ocean all within close proximity to each other and at a time when the entire world is looking for a missing 777-200? I would think that the odds on this happening would be astronomical at best. I think it is far more likely that these debris pieces come from a 777-200 aircraft and since I know of only one airplane like this that may have crashed into the Indian Ocean I can only conclude that these pieces come from MH370.

God speed, I hope I am right about this lead.

i would so love for this lead to be true so it can be the families who find the plane and the truth about MH370 and NOT the experts who did not listen to them.

Now that would be justice!!!

My deepest condolences,

Ken S

I still say this photograph is our best lead

I still say that this photograph is still the best lead to finding the whereabouts of MH370. I can't see what else this debris in this photograph could be other than parts from a 777-200 aircraft. Why haven't we at least sent a private comtractor to survey this area to find this debris? We have spent millions of dollars searching an area based on math from Inmarsat data that has not shown any signs of debris of the airplane. Could we not spend a bit of money searching an area like this that does show signs of debris? Why not? What do we have to lose at this point? Can we not search two areas at the same time? Lets get this done and find this debris.

If not that area any area

If not that area any area that is highly suspected of being a debris zone

Debris off the coast of Indonesia

I read a report today saying that the ATSB has notified the Indonesian government that debris from MH370 maybe washing a shore off the coast of that country as a result of Ocean currents moving in that direction.  Why hasn't anyone looked into this photograph (see above)  of debris taken off the coast of Indonesia back on March 16th? If we did not have any Inmarsat data to go by this satellite photo would be the best clue we have as to the possible whereabouts of this plane. Why hasn't anyone taken this photo seriously and gone to investigate this area? What do we have to lose at this point? Maybe the Inmarsat data only tells us where the plane was heading on March 8th but this photograph seems to show us where it ended up.

Article confirms Digiglobe captured images of possible debris

​This article seems to confirm that it was a US satellite company DigiGlobe that may have captured images of possible MH370 debris.  Maybe that's why Tomnod (owned by DigiGlobe) did not reply to my email requests for more information on these photos. That information was already classified.


Interesting footnote on this article

I was talking to Michael John on twitter and he told me that it was on March 18th when he tagged these photos on Tomnod. He then sent an email to the FBI on this and a couple of days later, on the 21st,  he recieved several emails from the AMSA ( Australian Maritime Safety Association) inquiring for more information on his discovery. He showed me some screenshots of the emails he recieved from them.  That very same day the Australian held this news conference (see article) claiming that they had recieved new satellite photos of possible MH370 debris. So JACC has known about these images since March and I as far as I know have done nothing to investigate this sighting. Why? 

Further info on this information
Is MH370 wreckage off of Aceh , Sumatra?

I think what you are looking at is waves. I know that isn't what you believe, but that is what I think you are looking at. What I think you have here is a strong wind blowing across the water in poor light conditions.


I know of two satellite imagery experts who have looked at these photos and analyze them and have confirmed that this is not waves, white caps nor clouds that we are seeing in these photos. Their conclusions was that these are indeed man made objects that are in the water but they cannot conclude  with 100% certaintity what the objects are because of the resolution of these images. They would need high resolution TIFF images in order to do this. Both experts found the images convincing enough to recommend sending ground forces to investigate this location.

Yuv Golds
The way it got there, west of BA. Actually dumped .

This may sound a conspiracy theory. It is.
After all, this event is a result of a conspiracy.
It might also be a theory, but, a theory that is backed up by series of evidences which back each other. Let’s say, no private person would get away with such evidence.

-MH370 was said to have crossed a barrier of massive radar coverage of four countries, including, literally, flying over Thailand at least half the time, crossing the peninsula. In case of a low altitude flight, there would be too many witnesses, in Thailand, to silence.

-Along the shore of north Malaysia, there were plenty of witnesses who testimony was submitted by the local police to the authority. They claimed to see a low flying plane which was not a regular event.

-The first Inmarsat hourly ping was missing.


The simplest explanation to the above said, is that the plane landed in north Malaysia, near the border with Thailand. Completely emptied and later, was sent to be dumped in the ocean, west of Banda Aceh.

First ping was simply made when the plane took off again.

Crossing the radar barrier at this stage would be very easy, as by this time, an unofficial SAR must have started because they already knew the plane was missing. Of course they claimed they had not started the search, because they would not want to be questioned about the delay in the official SAR where they played the idiots. Anyway, the plane could cross that barrier even as its own search plane. yes, it was flying to search itself.

The plane had been empties from any floating matter and was sent to crash. 772 is said to be able to autopilot take-off, or, by a pilot, who had not known he was going to be shot down, but these are debatable issue about the details.

Passengers were not needed in this mission of 9M-MRO, so they were boarding 9M-MRQ, which was indifferent for them.
9M-MRQ was officially on the ground for 5 days. No 772 just parks on the ground for 5 days. Sure, they can say it needed some maintenance, but that would be an easy answer. The maintenance took no LESS and no MORE, as for the plane to be ready to take the next MH370 assignment after the event.
9M-MRQ was probably very busy in those 5 days.


The Mission and the fate of the passengers is not the issue in the above said.

The point is that if we “allow” a scenario in which the plane landed before one hour had elapsed from the take-off time in KL, so many questions are so simply answered.
That is, including the unnamed captain who said:
“Based on known information, MH370 never left Malaysian airspace.”
He was quoted in the log of the 4 hours after the event. They deleted this quote from the protocol, in the preliminary report.

Thank You

Thank you for sharing your theory. There are many possible explanantions for this outcome.

3 Ocean Drift reports