Search Vessel

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Just before dawn March 8, at about 23:00 UTC, while Marc was on the deck and Kate was asleep, he saw the light of a ship approaching their boat.He feared it was on a collision course, but it altered course. Thirty minutes after he first saw it, but before dawn, it started to become light. This was the point of closest contact, and he could see it was grey and resembled a search vessel. It also appeared to be searching for something, moving back and forth. His position when he first saw it was about N 6°40', E 94° 37'. It made no attempt to contact them. For about 7 hours he observed it weaving on a random course, searching. He last saw it at lunchtime about 06:00 UTC when his position was N 6°42, E 95°05'. After examining pictures subsequently, he says it resembled one of vessels involved in the search in the Southern Indian Ocean



I obviously have some ideas and interpretations of this evidence, but I do not want to express them until they are fully formed. I do conclude, however, that these eyewitness sightings are credible, sincere, and definitely not part of any publicity seeking or poltical agenda or pet theory.

Marc and Kate were trying to get away from it all, and by some weird twist of fate, happened to be in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, at the epicenter of one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time. They were very near the decisive spot where most official search authorities and most (but never all) other theorists agree MH 370 crossed or chose its decisive path north or west or south...or anywhere in between.

There is something in here for everybody no matter what theory you choose to believe in. Kate said I am the first to meet her in person and ask questions objectively with an open mind. She has turned down many requests for personal interviews, preferring to post her observations on open sources. The testimony of Kate and Marc may raise more questions than answers, or answer some questions. My conclusion is only that it is solid credible eyewitness evidence to be considered.